Our Vision — the plan we follow:

  • To provide highly academic, inquiry-based and enriched learning opportunities
  • To create a warm and nurturing community that recognizes the learning styles and abilities of all students, and differentiates their learning to accommodate their needs
  • To respect the individual differences in people, the languages, cultures, religions and diversities that contribute to our intercultural world
  • To build a strong community that welcomes a families
  • To encourage parents and guardians to be involved, and to collaborate with teachers and staff in the pursuit of educational success for their child
  • To engage our students in their own learning through an enriched learning environment
  • To promote learning as a life-long passion
  • To nurture and support the social, emotional and physical development of each child
  • To foster confident, compassionate, genuine and exceptional leaders of the future

Our Values—the principles we believe in:

  • Provide the tools for every child to reach their full potential through exceptional lesson planning and classroom management
  • Initiate and encourage independent and creative thinking skills
  • Educate the whole child in a nurturing and vibrant school community
  • Encourage students to be caring and respectful people in the world
  • Recognize and meet the needs of each child’s learning style and ability
  • Challenge the intellectual development of each child
  • Create active learning opportunities to promote confidence and leadership skills
  • Promote a collaborative community of learners in which families and teachers form a partnership in guiding the learning process
  • Develop a positive, motivational and stimulating environment
  • Celebrate the successes and achievements of each and every student

If you are looking for a school that combines the benefits of a modern education, with traditional values, then we invite you to visit our campus and see the difference for yourself. We would welcome the opportunity to share in the education of your child.

Please call to make an appointment for a tour of our school. (604.533.5469 ext.231)