“As a mother and Natural Healthcare Practitioner, I strive to provide my son with a healthy environment in which his mind and body can excel. My son’s Kindergarten experience at Fraser Valley Elementary School has fully met and exceeded my expectations. My husband and I are provided with frequent correspondence from our son’s teacher (Mrs. Poisson) informing us of his progress, and she is quick to suggest helpful strategies when he encounters difficulties. Due to her professionalism and patience, we have watched our son transition from being easily distracted and struggling to properly grip a pencil, to becoming focused and writing independently. We are extremely pleased with Mrs. Poisson’s guidance, and feel that the school’s philosophy, values, and academics have provided a positive foundation for his future success. FVES’s inquiry based curriculum has also brought positive growth and achievement to my son’s learning development. He is continuously eager to put his new knowledge in to action outside of the classroom, and make a positive impact on the community/environment. The teachers and Head of School at FVES work together as a dedicated team to ensure that each child is given the opportunity to reach his/her full potential. At Fraser Valley Elementary School you truly get the sense that every child matters.” ~ Joleen A. 

“The small classroom size and caring, safe, nurturing atmosphere of the school is what drew us here. The academic focus of the school is strong.  The teachers are genuinely committed to meeting the needs of their students and providing opportunities for students to become critical thinkers.  The school also provides an assortment of after-school activities; another aspect of the school appeals.  We know our child is being instilled with in depth knowledge of subject areas and is being challenged.  At the same time we know the staff at FVES truly cares and the teacher knows our child as an individual.”  ~ Grade 3 parent

“We are beyond ecstatic with our decision to send our son to FVES for Kindergarten this year.  The academic and life skills he has gained during his first year of school far exceeded my expectations and I am positive that a strong foundation has been laid for his future success.” ~ Jenessa B. 

“As a working mom, I am always hesitant about leaving my children in the care of someone else.  When I enrolled my children at Willowbrook Montessori Daycare, I had absolutely no concerns.  The care is outstanding.  The caregivers are kind, considerate and take a personal interest in the children.  They always provided me with feedback about my sons and worked with them on things I wanted them to learn.  When my older son graduated from WMD and enrolled at FVES, the excellent care continued.  Under the tutelage of caring professionals, I saw him blossom into a knowledgeable, creative young man with a joy of learning.  WMD & FVES have surpasses my expectations” ~ Lisa R.