2016/2017 Tuition Fee Schedule


(Canadian Citizen)



Kindergarten to Grade 6 $8,500 / Year
Kindergarten to Grade 3  $22,000 / Year
Grade 4 to Grade 6  $18,500 / Year


Option A – Single Tuition Payment ($150 Field Trip Fee waived for making single payment)

Date Amount Breakdown
Upon receipt of offer letter $1,000 Deposit
Post-dated August 1st $7,650 $8,500 Tuition – $1,000 Deposit + $150 Fees


Option B – Tuition Paid in Two Installments

Date Amount Breakdown
Upon receipt of offer letter $1,000 Deposit
Post-dated August 1st $3,550 $4,250 Tuition – $1,000 Deposit + $300 Fees
Post-dated December 1st $4,250 Tuition


School Supply Fee: $150 per child for Kindergarten to Grade 6 students

Field Trip Fee: $150 per child for Kindergarten to Grade 6 students


INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTS:  Full payment of fees is required on (or before) July 1st of the School Year. A Student Visa will NOT be issued unless fees are paid in full.

BC AND CANADIAN RESIDENTS:  Fees paid upfront in full will have the Field Trip Fee waived.  Fees can also be paid in two equal installments with two post-dated cheques, dated August 1st, 2016 and December 1st, 2016.

REDUCTION FOR SIBLINGS: A reduction of 3% percent will be applied to the annual fees for the second and subsequent siblings attending Fraser Valley Elementary School.

EXTRAS: Extra costs may be required for large field trips, workshops, and some clubs. School pictures and the Hot Lunch program may be purchased during the school year.

CANCELLATIONS/WITHDRAWALS: Fraser Valley Elementary School makes financial commitments to staff and facilities based upon yours and other students’ registrations for the whole academic year, and thereby relies upon your full tuition to finance these commitments. Enrollment of your child/ren includes an unconditional obligation to pay tuition and fees for the full academic year. In the event that the student does not attend, withdraws from the school for any reason, or is dismissed by Fraser Valley Elementary School before the end of the school year in accordance with established school policies, all tuition for the entire year is immediately due and payable on the date of withdrawal, and you agree to remit the full contract amount at that time. You agree to be responsible for, in addition to tuition fees, all costs, reasonable attorney’s fees, and other expenses, which we may incur in the enforcement of this contract.

OVERDUE ACCOUNTS – EXTRAS – All overdue accounts will bear interest at the rate of 1.5% per month.  Please note that interest will be charged on unpaid fees from the first day after the due date, regardless of billing dates.  N.S.F. Cheques – N.S.F. charges will be subject to an escalating fees structure. Payments and cheques returned by the bank will be subject to a $25.00 administration fee for the first occurrence, which will increase to $50.00 for the second occurrence.

BC PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT FUNDING – The BC Provincial Government provides annual grant funding directly to the School for each qualifying student, to assist with the cost of their education. Qualifying students are those whose parent(s) or legal guardian(s) are permanent residents of British Columbia or persons with a work or study permit of one year or longer. Parents should be aware that if the grant should be reduced, the school may adjust the yearly fees to compensate for loss of revenue retroactive to the date of change. Students who attend school for less than 135 days before May 15th, other than for allowable medical reasons, are not eligible for the full Provincial School Grant. In this case, the School may lose all or a portion of the grant for that student and will hold parents responsible to compensate Fraser Valley Elementary school for the full amount of the grant lost