Head of School

Laurel Middelaer – l.middelaer@fves.bc.ca



Ms. Natalie Kahl, Kindergarten – n.kahl@fves.bc.ca

Ms. Leslie Fraser, Kindergarten – l.fraser@fves.bc.ca

Ms. Christie Fox, Grade 1 – c.fox@fves.bc.ca

Ms. Caroline Poisson, grade 2/Special Education Coordinator – c.poisson@fves.bc.ca

Ms. Stephanie Morris, Grade 2/PYP Coordinator – smorris@fves.bc.ca

Ms. Marla O’Hare, Grade 3/Music – m.ohare@fves.bc.ca

Ms. Claire Kevany, Grade 4/5 – c.kevany@fves.bc.ca

Mr. James Hsu, Grade 6/7 – j.hsu@fves.bc.ca

Ms. Lindsey Spence, Physical Education/French – l.spence@fves.bc.ca

Ms. Sandra Trionfi, Special Education Assistant – s.trionfi@fves.bc.ca



Jenna Gibson – info@fves.bc.ca – for general inquiries and admissions